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 Hindi Karaoke Shop - Discover your voice's true potential  

At Hindi Karaoke Shop, our passion for delivering high-quality Hindi karaoke tracks knows no bounds. We're dedicated to providing an extensive selection of Bollywood karaoke songs, ensuring there's something for every music lover. Our collection, featuring both the latest hits and timeless classics, is priced affordably, making us a favorite among over 50,000 professional singers. Our vast library of over 10,000 songs, including popular Hindi karaoke with lyrics, offers a smooth and user-friendly experience from selection to download.
Our decade-long journey in the music industry has led us to compile a diverse array of karaoke songs Hindi old and new. But we offer more than just songs; we provide comprehensive music production services. This includes composing, lyric writing, vocal tuning, and mixing, catering to both budding artists and seasoned professionals. Our specialty in Hindi karaoke tracks ensures that every artist finds their perfect match.
Furthermore, our Bollywood karaoke collection lets you relive songs from various eras, allowing you to find tunes that perfectly fit your mood. Hindi Karaoke Shop isn't just about selling tracks; it's about creating unforgettable musical experiences. Whether you're looking to download karaoke music, explore karaoke websites, or buy karaoke online, we're your one-stop destination for all things karaoke.

 Why Choose HKS for downloading karaoke songs ?  

  • Vast and diverse collection of karaoke songs to choose from.
  • All tracks are produced in our own studios in highest quality bit-rate.
  • You can search for your desired tracks alphabetically or by singer name.
  • Tracks can be altered as per customers scale and tempo.
  • Instant access to purchased tracks and convenient download process.
  • We create custom karaoke track with original background music and chorus.
  • Regular updates and new releases to keep the selection fresh.
  • Dedicated WhatsApp and live chat customer support for all queries.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions every month for added value and savings.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to our karaoke platform, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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 Our Story 

Our Motto: "To Endeavor Great Music"

Founded in 2012 with the motto "To Endeavor Great Music," Hindi Karaoke Shop has quickly become the preferred online destination for top-quality Hindi karaoke songs. Over our 10-year journey, we've established ourselves as a leader in the online karaoke sphere, offering an unmatched collection of over 10,000 Bollywood karaoke tracks. These tracks cater to diverse tastes and age groups, making us a favorite among passionate singers across the globe. At Hindi Karaoke Shop, our deep love for music is our driving force. We started with a vision to provide top-notch karaoke songs, especially Hindi karaoke with lyrics, at a time when high-quality tracks were hard to find. Today, we're a thriving hub for over 50,000 professional singers, amateur performers, and karaoke enthusiasts, offering a wide range of musical genres and styles. Our mission has always been to create a platform where individuals can enhance their singing talents with the best karaoke tracks available. Thanks to the overwhelming support and encouragement from our customers, we've seen tremendous growth and have continuously improved our offerings. Dedicated to continual growth, we add new tracks to our collection every month, spanning diverse genres. Our goal is to be your ultimate musical destination. If a specific track eludes you on our platform, fret not! We're ready to tailor it to your preferences at a budget-friendly rate, ensuring you find precisely what you're looking for. Whether you're looking to download karaoke music, browse through karaoke websites, or buy karaoke online, Hindi Karaoke Shop is your go-to place for all things karaoke.

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Join us on this exciting musical journey and let's make great music together.


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 Our Customers ❤️ Us 

Praj Pardeshi

One would ideally say, because of their wonderful, clear, amazing soundtracks. One would say, because of their affordable prices. One would say, because of their irresistible, tempting promotional offers which keep scrolling all through the year. I would also say in addition to those, because of their classy, polite, quick, proactive, thoughtful customer service. Their customer service reps are Gladiators!! I will continue to buy from HKS all through the time. I recommend HKS to every aspirant of musical tracks, who is looking for one stop solution for all the musical requirements.


It has been a real pleasure to interact with Hindi Karaoke Shop when I was looking to purchase a track. The responses were extremely prompt and helpful. The choice and quality of the tracks is amazing and what I liked best about the whole experience was the effort put in by the entire team to ensure that I was satisfied with my purchase. They worked with me and answered all my questions. The best part was that I was able to get the scale tweaked according to my range. A huge THANK YOU to the entire team for doing such a great job.

Mulchand Chugh
United States

Ms. Shweta is working hard, responsible, dedicated, easy to contact through what's up with personalized help. She is maintaining account in a good manner with the list of all tracks. she Tracks are on time. I will recommend her over and over again.

Rashid Shafi
United States

I have purchased lots of tracks from HKS and I have been very impressed by their service, my contact has been with their staff named Bhumika she is very polite and quick in response and solved any problems I have had. No hesitation in advising to use them. Thankyou HKS

Nishan Peiris

I have completed my new Hindi song with HKS and special thanks to Bhumika and Shewta for their excellent coordination. HKS has professional lyricists and music composers and sound Engineers. I have coordinated several times with the HKS music composer and Bhumika, they are all very cooperative and support with best guidance. I highly recommend HKS for your music production. Soon I will be releasing my new song !!!

Suraj Jewan
South Africa

I write to you from Johannesburg, South Africa, I have been using HKS for like many years, and never looked back. From excellent prompt service and delivery of the tracks, Puja I rate you 11 out of 10. I have always recommended my fellow artist, about HKS. Thank you for making me sound awesome. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Rizwan ul Haque

HKS providing the best Karaoke online services for music lovers, I have been using their Karaoke tracks and very impressed with the quality maintained by HKS musician in their each track which make them different from other sites. HKS customer support is very efficient, specially one their representative Pooja, was very cooperative. I am a loyal HKS customer from Pakistan.

Diman Roy

HKS providing the best Karaoke online services for music lovers, I have been using their Karaoke tracks and very impressed with the quality maintained by HKS musician in their each track which make them different from other sites. HKS customer support is very efficient, specially one their representative Pooja, was very cooperative. I am a loyal HKS customer from Pakistan.

  Our Online Music Studio Services  

Your Music Refined with Expert Guidance Through Each Production Phase

  • Song writing

  • New Song Composition

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Vocal Tuning

  • Recording

 Sing, Record, Shine: Explore the World of Karaoke  

Witness the remarkable accomplishments of our dedicated sound engineers ! Check out our client recordings !

Sapna Jahan
Music Composition

Rohini Gogna

sahiba rus gayiya
Music Composition

Muhammad Bin Bilal's

mujhe teri mahabbat ka
Music arrangement

Mohammad Khalid

Music arrangement

Ashish Srivastava's

Hindi Karaoke Shop: Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Karaoke!

If you are a karaoke fan of indian songs, you know how hard it is to find a karaoke track that suits your needs. Sometimes the key is too high or too low, or the music is not the same as the original. That's why Hindi Karaoke Shop offers you a custom karaoke service. We make karaoke tracks just for you, based on the original song and scale that you want. You can enjoy singing with your latest custom karaoke for only $15.99. Don't wait, visit our website now and order your custom karaoke.

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  Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I change my username / password?
After login in with your username and password please click on "Your Details" go to the "Change Password" option. You will be required to enter your current password, and then asked to enter a new password, confirm password then click on " Update".
Can I access the track instantly after making the payment?
Yes if you are a verified customer or if this is your second purchase with us, then you can access all your tracks instantly after making the payment.
Can I Download the karaoke tracks from your website without making payment?
No, You cannot download the karaoke tracks from our website without making the payment , in order to download any karaoke track you need to make a payment . However to check quality you can listen to 30 seconds samples uploaded on each product page.
What payment options do you have for purchasing the karaoke tracks?

There are 3 options for making payments; CCAvenue , PayPal and Bank Transfer for Pakistani Customers

If you are an Indian customer (holding a card issued by any bank in india ), you can kindly select the option of CCAvenue and continue ie. Using the option of CCAvenue , under " payment information" you can pay using your credit/debit card, net-banking , cash card, paytm,wallet, UPI and continue with your purchase.

If you are a NRI customer (holding card issued in any bank outside india ), then select the option PayPal and continue. Using this option you can pay either using your PayPal account (if you have one) or through your credit card, for which it is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

If you are a Pakistani Customer, you can directly transfer the amount in PKR Currency by opting the option of “Bank Transfer For Pakistani Customers“ you will find all details of our pakistani bank account there and you can transfer the amount to that details and upload the receipt then confirm your order.

Please Note: this option will only display when you choose PKR as your currency from the top dropdown currency selector on our website.

In what all formats can you deliver the karaoke tracks?

We have two types of products available on our website i.e MP3 Karaoke and MP3 + Video Karaoke. In case of MP3 Karaoke, we provide the digital link for the audio file in MP3 format in 320 Kbps bit rate only whereas in Video format we provide two digital links , One is for the audio file in MP3 format and another one will be for Video file (with scrolling lyrics) in WMV format.

Please Note: If you require the karaoke tracks in any other formats then the ones mentioned above i.e WAV, MP4 or AAC additional charges would apply, for more details please get in touch with us via mail , live chat and facebook messenger

How can I be regularly updated with offers and promotions running on your website ?
You may select yes on notifications popup which is usually displayed when you first open the website, once you turn on the notifications you will Please do subscribe to our newsletters while registering on our website so that you won't miss any single offer and updates.
Are my payments secure?

Online payments on HKS are secured by CCAvenue & PayPal.


Your browser will enter into secure mode, on an HTTPS page, when the time comes to enter your card information. You can be sure that you are shopping in a secure environment by checking for either a locked padlock or a key icon in the gray bar in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Unlike checks, these payments can not be lost or stolen.

We only accept orders that are placed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology prevents you from inadvertently revealing personal information by using an unsecured connection. New security checks, like the card signature code, are in place to protect your credit card details online.


No credit or debit card details are stored after your order has been processed. Your credit card and checking account information is never shared with Karaoke Version.


Pay instantly! No more waiting for checks or bank transfers to clear. You can download your purchase immediately after the payment validation.

How do I use my coupons?

On the cart page, copy and paste your coupon code in the dedicated box at the bottom right of the page (in the section called "Coupon").

Click "OK" to apply the discount. The rest of the process is simple: confirm your order, and click on the Payment option to pay the balance amount.

Can I listen to a music sample before buying it?

You can preview a sample of every song in our catalog. Previews are all free, and they allow you to listen and be assured of a song's quality before purchasing it.

To listen to a preview of an MP3 file, click on the play button .

Please Note: For faster loading speeds, our previews have a lower quality and bit rate than the complete track you will purchase.

How do I use my shopping cart?

You can add any karaoke song you want to your shopping cart at any time. Just click on the icon or the link "Add to cart" on the karaoke song's page.

You can also check the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on "Your shopping cart" link at the top right of the homepage.

Before proceeding to checkout, you can also remove a selection, or all of them (one-by-one). Just click on the to the right of the appropriate selection in your shopping cart.

Then you can either "Continue shopping" or "Proceed to checkout."

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