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Express Regional Customized Karaoke MP3

Express Regional Customized Karaoke MP3

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   If you are in a hurry and need to get a Regional Customized Karaoke made, we can deliver the track within 24 - 36 hrs. Express Custom Karaoke is with all the features of a regular Customized Karaoke but with an added feature of Express Delivery of 24 - 36 hrs as compared to the 5 days delivery time.


You need to send us the original MP3 song or the youtube link of the song (please include full details like name of singer and movie/album, along with the track) via email to and within 24 - 36  hrs of receiving it, we will deliver the karaoke for it.


          You shall receive the video karaoke file (FREE) for Express Regional Customized Karaoke Track from our end within 24 hours after delivering the MP3 Karaoke. To get accurate lyrics for video karaoke, you need to send us the lyrics for same scripted in English.               



  • The rate for a Express Regional Customized Karaoke is for a standard song with normal duration (4- 6 minutes). If the length of the song is too high or the song is too complicated, we will be charging more for the track. 
  • Once you place your order and send us the original mp3, we will review the song and in case of the above mentioned circumstances, we will inform you about the revised rate for making the track. If you agree to the price mentioned we will go ahead with the order, else refund the original amount paid by you in the form of coupon , which you may use for your future purchases with us. NO cash refund shall be provided.
  • Kindly note that for all the custom tracks, any rectification can be availed within 15 days from the delivery date of the tracks, after which the client has to bear the rectification charges based on the modifications required.
  • These charges are for "1" Express Regional Customized Karaoke track.
  • The Express Regional customized karaoke will be delivered at your email address.
  • The Express Regional Customized track will be added to our library and will be available to our other customers after 15 days of its delivery. If you require an Exclusive Custom Track, the charges will be different.
  • Musicians’ discretion in the selection of the song will be allowed.
  • Only Other Languages Songs will be accepted under this category. Also, Ghazal, Bhajans etc. will be accepted under this category.
  • We do not provide stem files for any karaoke track under this customization, if required please let us know prior and we shall update on additional charges for same.



Click below to listen to the sample of the karaoke track:

Rabin Jul 24 2023, 12:12 PM

O Priya Tumi Kothay

Kudos to your team for the superfast track delivery! I needed it urgently for an event, and you saved the day. Your promptness is much appreciated!

Bikram Jul 04 2023, 06:41 AM

Tera Ishq

The instrumental arrangement was a true delight. The Punjabi folk instruments, such as the dhol and tumbi, were expertly incorporated, creating an energetic and foot-tapping rhythm. The seamless fusion of traditional and modern elements in the music made the karaoke track feel contemporary yet rooted in Punjabi musical traditions.

Vashish Feb 27 2023, 12:56 PM

Shiv Bhajan

I am immensely thankful and grateful to Hindi Karaoke Shop team for the amazing job to send my music tracks on time and provide excellent customer service for any questions regarding the tracks. Highly responsible team and great efforts to make sure to deliver the tracks on time.

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