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New Song Composition Service

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We at HKS cater to all your needs for the best music compositions. We synchronise harmonious and melodic song composition with the help of instruments and the details you provide, including lyrics, tempo, scale, and genres. HKS has made music composition services more accessible, effortless, and straightforward than ever. Our engineers make the best sound and audio quality music composition at your convenience. These compositions are professionally made in the studios while keeping all the necessary details in mind, including the dynamics of the music. You provide us with vocals, and we’ll create the best music composition following your specifications. The music composition is exclusive only as per your demand. So try our services, and you won’t be disappointed. Making the perfect symphony has never been easier till now!


Tum Bano Zindagi - Romantic

Namo Again - Patriotic Song

Kya Fayda - Unplugged

Tum Saare Shaakhe - Ghazal

Main Chala - Romantic

Mujhpe Ehsaan - Ghazal

Bhajoman Re Sairam - Bhajan

Way Maker - English

Sipahi Hoon - Patriotic Song

Boondein - Unplugged


Our process will start with a briefing where you’ll tell us about what you like, your music preference, and what kind of composition you expect from us. You can show us any music clip, video, or in any other manner relevant to your music taste for us to understand your idea of the work.

  • Lyrics (in meter)
  • Scale & Tempo
  • Genre of track
  • Specifications of Instruments

As soon as the above process is completed, we’ll start creating your music immediately and effectively. During this period, we’ll keep you updated with private drafts of your soundtrack until you decide on approval.

  • High quality audio file (.wav and .mp3)
  • Guide track (with demo vocals)
  • Stems on demand with NO EXTRA CHARGES!
  • Your composition will be fully mixed and mastered

2 modifications will be free based on the customer feedback and suggestions (extra modifications would be chargeable).

  • Provide us with the correct & maximum details so that we can deliver professional quality track as per your requirements.
  • Send us all the necessary details via email to .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Song Composition?

Music Composition is the art of creating musical masterworks with the help of instruments based on lyrics, tempo, scale, and genres. These compositions are the essence of any song, and it brings out life by providing it with rhythmic and synchronised tunes. HKS provides compositions made meticulously and exclusively as per your requests

What does Song Composition Include?

Music Composition includes harmonies, melodies, tunes, instruments, lyrics, tempos, and scale. Everything is synchronised rhythmically to create a meaningful masterpiece. HKS requires elements such as lyrics, tempos, scale to create an exclusive label-worthy harmonious composition.

How do you plan Music composition?

There goes a lot of planning in composing, and sometimes it can be exhausting. Worry not! HKS is glad to provide you with its music composition services. We firstly decide the kinds of instruments to be used that would go with the feel of the lyrics. We then form a structure of the song, from its intro to central theme and ending. We further try to understand the specific level of intensity. Lastly, we plan on time signatures, tonalities, types of chords, and scales.

What are the Benefits of Choosing HKS as your Music Composition service provider?

  • HKS provides you with music in your comfortable space, saving you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent travelling and brainstorming in the studios.
  • HKS also saves your cost by providing you music composition service online. It saves the cost that would instead be spent in expensive studios.
  • HKS provides the best composition service different from any other not-so-credible sources online.
  • We cater to all your needs, mainly by saving you from many efforts and technicalities in music composition.

Which live instruments can we play on the track?

HKS serves you with many live instruments that beautifully suit your preference, including Tabla, Dholak , Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Flute. Moreover, we provide additional playable services of more complex instruments such as Santoor and Veena as per your liking with additional charges. Please check the below price range for playing live Instruments in your track ( if required ) :

Tabla & Dholak: USD 40
Guitar: USD 50
Flute: USD 25
Santoor & Veena: USD 150

Does HKS provide audio in MP3 and WAV format?

Yes, HKS provides finally mastered track in MP3 (320 Kbps) and WAV format ( 44100 Hz - 16 Bit )

Does HKS provide Stem Files?

HKS provides separate stem files as promised, after the mixed and mastered composition has been provided. However, this service is only provided once you get the complete composition and not prior.

Does HKS provide video files of the finally composed track?

Yes, HKS can certainly provide a scrolling video lyrics file of the finally composed track as per your requests, but it does include additional charges.

Click below to listen to the sample of the karaoke track:

Ramesh Jul 18 2023, 09:46 AM

New Music Composition

Your song composition demonstrates incredible artistry and creativity. The way you've layered different instruments and utilized dynamics throughout the song is remarkable. It kept me engaged from start to finish, and I appreciate the unique musical choices you've made. You did a wonderful job team HKS. Hats off to you guys!

Narendra Jun 16 2023, 13:13 PM


Thank you team HKS for your hard work and dedication to ensuring a high-quality music production. I truly appreciate your commitment to creating the best possible outcome. I greatly appreciated the open and prompt communication throughout the project. The team was receptive to my ideas and always kept me informed about the progress. It made the collaboration process smooth and enjoyable

Nishan May 30 2023, 10:17 AM

Mere Toote Dil Ko

The song's arrangement is well-balanced, allowing each instrument to shine individually while blending harmoniously as a whole. The piano, bass, and drums provide a solid foundation, maintaining a tight groove throughout. Overall the song is beautifully composed. Wonderful team and wonderful service

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