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Music Arrangement Service

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Hindi Karaoke Shop serves the best music arrangement services. We mix and master music meticulously as per your detailed specifications and provide harmonious and beautifully curated tracks with a rhythmic prelude, interlude, and end. HKS has made music arrangement services more manageable and more accessible than ever. Our engineers diligently mix and master your composition to provide you with the best track ever. Our services work to make sure that you are served with the best track surpassing your expectations at your convenience with dedicated support via live chat, whatsApp and call. HKS also saves your time and effort to go to a studio and work tirelessly with the engineers to produce the best tracks. We have made it a smooth process for you to provide us with your specifications. We’ll produce tracks at affordable rates with your minimum efforts. We even provide one modification free as per customer feedback. For more pricing information, please refer to the pricing details.


Pyaar Ke Pal - Rearranged (Romantic)

Suhana - Rearranged (Romantic)

Aaj Jane Ki Zidd - Rearranged (Unplugged)

Khairiyat - Rearranged (Romantic)

Mai Ni Meriye - Rearranged (Indian Folk)

Om Tat Sat Prayer - Rearranged (Bhajan)

Behtar Hai - Rearranged (Ghazal)

Rim Jhim Ghire Sawaaan - Rearranged (Unplugged)

Tere Chehre Pe - Rearranged (Rock Version)

Yeh Fitoor Mera - Rearranged (Indian Film Pop)


Firstly, we will start with a briefing where you’ll tell us what you like, your preference, and what kind of music arrangement you expect from us. You can provide us with clips, videos, or any other relevant track references to understand your idea of music arrangement.

After the briefing process, we will ask to hear your requirements and specifications, such as raw vocals (in proper BPM and scale), the genre of music (Bhajan, Gazal, Sufi, etc.), singing proficiency (Professional, semi-professional and amateur will help in deciding the difficulty level of singing with your track), specific instruments if any ( any instrument and to be used where for instance in prelude or interlude), specific tune (if any) for prelude or interlude, special effects, beat, metre, scale, and tempo. All these requirements will help us create the best track for your composition.

Once we complete the above-stated process, we will start creating your track with immediate effect. We’ll keep you updated during this period and then deliver you two tracks, one guide track and the other without melody. Additionally, we will also provide you with stems on demand.

  • High quality audio file (.wav and .mp3)
  • Guide track (with demo vocals)
  • Stems on demand with NO EXTRA CHARGES!
  • Your composition will be fully mixed and mastered

2 modifications will be free based on the customer feedback and suggestions (extra modifications would be chargeable).

  • Provide us with the correct & maximum details so that we can deliver professional quality track as per your requirements.
  • Send us all the necessary details via email to support@hindikaraokeshop.com .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music Arrangement?

The music arrangement redefines the composition by mixing and mastering music to create a beautifully synchronised track. HKS, with its brilliant team of engineers, serves you with a magnificent track that turns your idea into a reality as per the specifications provided by you.

What is the difference between Music Arrangement and Music Composition?

Music composition is creating music with the help of instruments following lyrics, genres, scale, and tempo. In contrast, music arrangement redefines an original or existing composition by thoroughly mixing and mastering music with the help of various specifications to create a masterpiece of tracks.

Can we transpose your song?

Yes, we absolutely can transpose your song, you can let us know which key went off and which key would you prefer to play in, and we could arrange that for you.

What type of music can we arrange?

We can arrange all types of music and instruments in the genres of your preference. There are absolutely no limitations in arranging music, and we can even arrange the most popular songs in the genres and instrumentation you prefer.

How long will your arrangement take?

Your arrangement may take up to 5 days. Still, in case of urgency, we can discuss with our sound engineers and provide you with your arrangement at the earliest at an extra cost.

Can the recorded vocals be professionally mixed in the track after the music arrangement is completed?

Yes, We provide the service of professionally mixing vocals in the tracks even after the arrangement is completed on our end, once we discuss it with our sound engineers.

Can we tune your vocals before mixing them with the final arranged track?

Vocal tuning is analysing the magnitude of frequencies in voice and determines the shape of vocals and the vocalists. This shape then controls quite a few filters in vocoder (an electronic mechanism) that are applied to an alternate signal. We at HKS provide the vocal tuning services. So, yes we can tune your vocals before mixing them with the final arranged track as requested.

Do we offer pitch correction services?

Pitch correction is changing the intonation of an audio signal or modifying or changing one keynote to another to make sure it fits. So yes, we do provide the service of pitch correction, but for that, we first need to check with our sound engineer to see if the note perfectly fits the other key or not. Only then the pitch correction will be done; otherwise, it won’t.

Which Software do we use for music rearrangement ?

Our sound engineers use multiple Software to curate the best music tracks for you. But, of course, every engineer has their preference. Still, prominently our engineers use standard digital audio workstations of Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Cubase.

Can we compose a song following your lyrics?

Yes, we absolutely can curate a beautiful composition following your specifications, even if you solely provide us with lyrics. Our music composition services serve best for this purpose as we meticulously work with renowned musicians to create a perfect masterpiece for your lyrics.

Click below to listen to the sample of the karaoke track:

Khalid Mar 07 2023, 12:37 PM

Mujhe Teri Mohabbat Ka Sahara

In a single sentence their services can’t be described …just something to notice about them ….perfect, on time, dedicated, kindness and patience is also their added advantage …they committed to make customer satisfaction n happy always ….worth for money Great team I got to get karaoke track All the best !!!

Sunil Kumar Feb 28 2023, 11:57 AM

Music Arrangement

This website is the best website for all Bollywood and regional karaoke.. New songs are updated regularly.. You can always expect supreme quality.. But the best thing is the custom karaoke and music arrangement section. They understand the needs of the customers very well.. A good healthy relationship is also maintained by their customer support team. Wish them every success in future..

Ravi Feb 13 2023, 12:33 PM


Sounds very nice and pleasant. The sound engineer did a good job in selecting the instruments, sounds and in the arrangements. I am very happy and satisfied with the output of the project. The customer service is also amazing.

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