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Which Hindi Karaoke Song From 90’s Is Good to Sing?

Singing to the melodies of Hindi karaoke songs in your own voice has always been a perfect way to impress people of any age. Since 90’s and the decades before, people have enjoyed including the songs sung on karaoke for the most auspicious events in their life, be it proposing their partner, impressing their parents, an office promotion, or even religious meet-ups. They have always connected deeply to karaoke songs in Hindi sung by special ones. But the toughest part has always been deciding on which is the best old Hindi song for karaoke. Here are Hindi Karaoke Shop’s musician choice for the Hindi karaoke song with lyrics which are bound to bring you under spotlight.


  1. Pehla Nasha – Jo Jeeta Vohi Sikander

With the most mesmerizing lyrics, this song attracts a wide age group ensuring you entice each one with your melodious voice. However, you may need the best quality karaoke song for this to complement your voice which you can get from the Hindi Karaoke Shop. Tap to listen to a free sample here.


  1. Dekha hai pehli baar – Saajan

Originally sung by Alka Yagnik and S.P. Balasubramanium, this song is an epitome of romance which can be sung on multiple occasions and can still make everyone around you feel the essence of your love. You can get this old Hindi song’s karaoke with lyrics and get ready for a stunning performance.


  1. Chhaiyyan Chhaiyyan – Dil Se

This is among the best songs to be sung on karaoke. Being one of the best Bollywood hits, the song has got exceptional fan following and your audience might very well know the lyrics and even start singing with you. Hence, grab your audience and get a perfect evening with this song.

More than which song you have chosen to sing, the quality of the karaoke you are singing it on is important. Hence you must ensure that with your melodious voice must go with a perfect karaoke. However, with so many online Hindi karaoke providers it becomes difficult to opt for the best. Hindi Karaoke Shop is among the best quality Hindi karaoke providers for almost all the songs and you can listen to their sample works. They provide all kinds of Hindi karaoke be it medley karaoke, karaoke with lyrics, customised karaoke, and even the latest Bollywood song karaoke and the old Bollywood karaoke. Visit Hindi Karaoke Shop to get the best karaoke tracks in desired format.


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