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Which are the Best Hindi Songs for Karaoke?

Hindi Karaoke tracks offer perfect ways to ensure that you impress someone exactly the way you wish to, by touching their hearts with your very own melodious voice. Be it a family gathering, or a date with special someone, or a celebration evening, you can make the most of it with the best karaoke tracks and singing your heart out by getting your karaoke songs with lyrics and make everyone participate. What is difficult is to choose the perfect songs and the best quality karaoke Hindi songs for the same.

Hindi Karaoke Shop has curated a list of the trending Hindi karaoke songs including both latest Bollywood karaoke and the karaoke songs from the old golden era for your ease.

  1. Shayad Love AajKal(2020) This mesmerizing song is bound to help you express your first-sight love to your partner! It can also create an aura of love and tranquillity around you and make you the centre of attraction of the gathering.
  2. Tamma Tamma AgainBadrinath kiDulhaniya -This remake of the amazing song will make everyone grab their feet and step to the dance floor on your voice. A total party groove, it is.

Here a sample here.

  1. PehlaNashaJo JeetaWohi Sikandar- A timeless song by Shri Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam ji, which can create nostalgia for everyone regardless of the age group. This karaoke track in the best quality can be found here with sample.

There is no limit to the best Hindi songs’ karaoke for anyone. All the above karaoke tracks along with many more can be found on Hindi Karaoke Shop in best quality along with express deliveries. No more waiting for the curation of your favourite karaoke tracks be it Hindi remix karaoke, a medley karaoke, or a customized karaoke specific to your needs. Hindi Karaoke shop also provides video karaoke tracks with sliding lyrics. Hence, all your needs met at a single place. So, why not try today and contact them!


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