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Top Karaoke Tracks for Xmas’19

All the karaoke lovers! We all understand that the x-mas holidays couldn’t be enjoyable without music. If you’re similar to us, you evade the holiday tunes way ahead of the game. Because you’ve already witnessed the sugar plums shimmer to your Bollywood Karaoke beats, we thought to add some more sweetener in your holiday spirits by top karaoke songs for X-mas. So get ready for booster performance and practice because every song you require for Christmas is here in this Karaoke list:

1. “Tu Ek Pal Me Badal De”
This melodious Hindi Christians Song is sung by Marriam Maqsood will boost your festival spirit, also suitable to sing along.

2. “YeshuNadha”
A Malayalam semi-classical performed by Sancy Jose is a must for a karaoke party this Christmas.

3. “AkhileshNandhanam”
A semi-classical song in Malayalam by Deepa Miriam. Interestingly it’s not what you look from a Christmas song, however, if you couple it with some jingle bells and children’s choir, you’ve got a classic.

4. “Nee Mathram Mathi”
What can be more suitable to pray the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ than a Malayalam Christian Song sung by Kester?

5. “Aata Hai Aata Hai Santa Claus”
Recall 70’s with only Bollywood Christmas song in the mesmerizing voice of Kishore Kumar, also a good choice for any karaoke party.

6. “Kya Santaya Kya Chupaya”
A renowned Christian hymn in the Gujarati language. This melody is also an apt choice for a Christmas karaoke party.

7. “Albhuthangal”
Another Malayalam melody sung by K. G. Markose is a good choice for anyone looking to host a Christmas party this year.

8. “Partha Puncha”
Originally performed by Davithinte Kinnaram, this Malayalam Christian devotional is opportune for Christmas carol or karaoke performance at Christmas.

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